Performance Racing Sails and Ropesline

All Jack Sails are based on existing 'one design' sail designs. For the 'RS fleets' spinnakers are manufactured using Challenge FiberMax44 (.75oz) Nylon. Challenge FiberMax stabilized nylon, offers one of the most durable coatings applied to a very strong high quality weave. The nylon is assembled in a full radial construction to create the perfect blend of performance and durability.

All Jack Sails are designed using the latest design technology from SMAR-AZURE and are aero-engineered to ensure fast efficient sail shapes.

All hardware is selected for its quality & reliability. Nylon is checked for quality control of weave and is rejected if the roll does not lay flat, as this will affect the sails life and performance. The rings are made by Rutgerson and offer the highest strength-to-weight ratio available. A truly stainless ring.

All Jack Sails are covered by the Jack Sails one year warranty on materials and manufacture.

Jack Sailing